How to Make Eye Bags Disappear?

Answer Under-eye puffiness is usually caused by fluid retention. Due to lack of sleep, alcohol consumption or the aging process, the fragile under-eye skin swells with unsightly bags. These bags may first... Read More »

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How do you make all the tool bars disappear, to make your screen larger?

View tabtoolbars and uncheck the ones you dont want,you can also go view and full screen

How to Make a Pen Disappear?

This is a cool trick that will have your pen disappearing.

How to Make Ink Disappear on Contact?

Disappearing ink reacts to the air and turns from a colored liquid to one that is colorless. The ink disappears at a different rate depending on the type of material it is placed upon. It will disa... Read More »

How to Make a Quarter Disappear?

With a little careful preparation, you can make a quarter or other coin disappear. You place a glass over the coin and poof! -- it's gone! This variation requires some setting up but is approachabl... Read More »