How to Make English Conversation if You Do Not Speak English Very Well?

Answer Learning a new language can be a very difficult experience. Often, even years of study can leave you with good reading skills, but still uncomfortable with making conversation. Following a few step... Read More »

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How to Explain English Idioms to People Who Don't Speak English?

Helping people learn your language is harder than it seems. You probably want to teach them everything, but this probably won't happen. However, you CAN teach them some useful stuff, and idioms are... Read More »

Who was the first English king to speak English?

After the Normans invaded Britain in 1066, French replaced Old English as the language of the ruling class. Not until the reign of King Henry IV in 1399 did England once again have a king whose nat... Read More »

How to Make Your Sims Speak English?

Maxis, the manufacturer of "The Sims," designed the game to appeal to people around the world. The manufacturer went so far as to create a special language called "Simlish" for the characters. Sin... Read More »

Ways to Make English Learners More Comfortable to Speak in the Classroom?

Transitioning to a new school can be stressful, regardless of age, culture or personality type. Regardless of the difficulties, foreign students transfer to English-speaking schools every day. Te... Read More »