How to Make Electricity Using an Orange?

Answer Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits, can be used to generate electrical currents. The acid in these fruits combines with electrodes, such as copper and zinc, to generate electric... Read More »

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How do I Make Electricity Using Small Candles?

Thermoelectric generators convert heat energy into usable electric energy. If properly harnessed, you can use candles and a few other household items to harness this energy. While it is difficult a... Read More »

Are there any problems using appliances purchased for 120v 60Hz electricity on 120v 50Hz electricity?

A very important note There is no such thing as a 120 volt 50 Hz service! (But see >> Correction!

If a tv plug is in, but it's not on, am i using electricity?

Yes actually....look at these...apparently a little electricity "leaks" through even if it's not turned on b/c the the cables are still touching and your power is on in the rest of your Read More »

How is electricity generated using wind?

It has long been known that the force of the wind is a safe and reliable source of renewable energy, but only in recent years has using this force to generate electricity captured the imagination o... Read More »