How to Make Eevee Evolve Into Umbreon in Pokemon Diamond?

Answer Eevee is a unique Pokemon that can evolve into seven different forms. Umbreon is Eevee's Dark-type evolution. Umbreon has a black body, with gold rings around its ears and legs. It is capable of le... Read More »

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How Do You Get an Eevee to Evolve Into an Umbreon in "Pokemon HeartGold"?

In "Pokemon HeartGold," Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon that is highly sought after for its ability to evolve into seven different types of Pokemon with specialized elemental abilities: Vaporeon, Jo... Read More »

If eevee starts to evolve into espeon will it evolve into umbreon?

Yes. Just press the B button when it is evolving, and level it up again at night. Just make sure to keep it happy until then.

What Lvl does Eevee evolve to Umbreon?

Eevee doesn't evolve into Umbreon via leveling up. Eevee doesnt evolve into any form that way actually. The eevee will need to gain a level at night, and your "friendship" will have to be high enough

How do you get your eevee to evolve into umbreon?

You get a dark stone and give it to the eevee and raise its happiness and leave it up all night.