How to Make Easy Chinese Dresses?

Answer The simple cheongsam dress, also known as a qipao, is considered to be the traditional Chinese dress. This is what you often see worn by workers at Chinese restaurants. It features a high neck that... Read More »

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How to Make Chinese Dresses?

In a nation with the world's largest population, thousands of years of history and dozens of ethnic groups, identifying one traditional "Chinese" dress is nearly impossible. However, most Westerner... Read More »

Are chinese dumpling easy to make from scratch?

Its really tedious to make the wonton wrappers from scratch. Its cheaper to buy from the asian supermarket. For making dim sum, I suggest you get those round shape wonton wrappers which is thinner ... Read More »

How to Make Easy and Delicious Chinese Milk Tea?

Mmm...this refreshing drink will keep you quenched and happy.

How to Tie Easy Chinese Knots?

Chinese knots are handmade creations serving as a decorative feature on a variety of objects, including clothing, jewelry, paintings, and musical instruments. Chinese knots were used in ancient Chi... Read More »