How to Make Dreads Without Dread Wax?

Answer Making dreadlocks in any kind of hair is achievable with or without dread wax. The purpose of wax is to smooth the strands and help the dreadlocks achieve maturity faster, usually in three to four ... Read More »

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How to Dread Hair Without Wax?

The Rastafarians first made dreadlocks a popular hairstyle. The look requires some type of sticky product to keep hair separated into individual dreads. Certain brands of hair wax are made for drea... Read More »

How to Dread Your Hair Without Any Gel or Chemicals?

Ask three hairstylists how to start new dreadlocks and expect three different answers. While this may seem confusing, the good news is that there are several methods for making dreads, and all of t... Read More »

How to Do Dreads Without Pins?

Dreadlocks are traditionally made using pins. The pins are used to hold the dreads in place after they are set with wax. Pins are used because they can be easily removed from hair without ruining t... Read More »

How to Dye Dreads Without Bleach?

Bleaching your dreads can really damage them, so you should choose other options when dyeing them. Those with light-colored dreads can simply use hair dye on them to make them darker, but there are... Read More »