How to Make Double Flare Brake Lines?

Answer Vehicles in the United States all use a double flare brake line. The double flared line sits against a brake component (either the master cylinder inlet or outlet fittings, or the brake hoses at th... Read More »

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How to Double Flare Auto Brake Lines?

Between the master cylinder and the wheels on your car are brake lines. These lines are metal for most of their length and, in the front, rubber for the last 10 to 12 inches. Brake fluid is hygrosc... Read More »

How to Make a Double Flare Brake Line End?

The brake system in your vehicle is made up of many different components. Almost all of these components connect to each other via brake lines, which carry the brake fluid from one place to another... Read More »

How to Flare Brake Lines?

The brake lines in your car are made of a double-wall steel tube with an external coating that resists corrosion caused by the elements. The ends of the tube are double-flared to provide a durable ... Read More »

How to Single Flare Brake Lines?

For a proper fit when preparing a brake line for installation, the line end must be flared to conform with the various fittings in the brake system for a leak-proof, pressure-resistant connection. ... Read More »