How to Make Diesel Fuel from Coal?

Answer With political roadblocks to America drilling for oil off-shore or in protected areas and the increasing price per barrel of imported oil, an alternative fuel is appealing. Solar and wind power hav... Read More »

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Does a nozzle for diesel fuel fit into a non-diesel fuel tank?

A diesel nozzle is larger than a regular gasoline nozzle. For this reason, the diesel nozzle will not fit into the gasoline tank. On the other hand, most diesel fuel pumps are green, so drivers wit... Read More »

How to Make Diesel Fuel?

If your vehicle's engine runs on diesel, you can spare yourself a trip to a fuel station. With a few food and auto supplies, you can make homemade diesel. The following explains how to make diesel ... Read More »

How much oil do you add to kerosene to make diesel fuel?

There aren't set ratios for biodiesel. One part kerosene to four parts vegetable oil is a relatively reliable mix, but a 1:9 ratio may work if the ambient temperature is high enough. You might need... Read More »

How to Filter Used Motor Oil & Make Diesel Fuel?

Diesel engines run on a special fuel that is really a mixture of gasoline and oil. Used motor oil can be filtered and mixed with existing diesel as an additive that will double the yield of the fu... Read More »