How to Make Curls From a Braid?

Answer Have you ever wanted to curl your hair, but didn't have a curling iron? Braiding your hair into sections is an easy and effective way to curl your hair when you're either on the go or don't have a ... Read More »

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How to Crochet and Braid Hair With Knots and Curls?

You can create dozens of new curly hairstyles if you know how to crochet and braid hair with knots and hair extensions. A few sections of cornrows in your hair create an ideal anchor to attach curl... Read More »

How can I make curls from hot rollers last longer?

If you are planning on curling your hair, make sure you don't wash it before. Washed hair doesn't hold curls as well as dirtier hair. Its because when your hair is dirty, its more coarse.Also, when... Read More »

How to Make a Six-Strand Braid From Horse Hair?

The six-strand braid is commonly used to make jewelry, design a loaf of bread or braid the tail of a horse. A six-strand braid makes what it called a "Challah" braid. The braiding of six strands is... Read More »

How to Make a Four Strand Braid from 1, 2 or 4 Pieces?

Here are two sets of instructions to create a 4 strand weave. Both sets detail the same steps, one using "inner & outer pairs," one giving each strand a number so you can choose the instructions th... Read More »