How to Make Croissants?

Answer These buttery and flaky French breakfast treats take a long time to prepare from scratch (with several bouts of rolling and refrigerating). Yet, when made by hand, they are quite irresistible. Be c... Read More »

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How to Make Buttery Croissants?

Well made croissants are crisp and flaky, with a delicate flavor and texture. They are one of the greatest expressions of the baker's art, a representative example of the type of dough called Vienn... Read More »

Can i use pillsbury croissants to make a pie crust?

According to, crescent rolls may be used to prepare both savory main dishes and sweet desserts, including a 3-egg quiche, fruit turnovers or a strawberry and kiwi fruit tart.Reference... Read More »

Are croissants from France?

Croissants evolved from the 13th century Austrian kipferl. An Austrian baker by the name of August Zang owned a Viennese bakery in 1830s Paris. He impressed French bakers, who copied his style. The... Read More »

What are croissants made of?

Croissants are made of laminated dough, which is created though a process known as turning. The turning process involves encasing butter in two layers of dough, then rolling the dough out. The roll... Read More »