How to Make Corn Husk Baskets?

Answer Corn has long been used by Americans for food, feeding livestock and even for baskets. Native Americans cultivated maize and used every piece of the corn, allowing none of it to go to waste. Corn h... Read More »

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How to Make a Corn Husk Doll?

Corn husk dolls or corn dollies have been a part of harvest festivals in many parts of the world for centuries. They began with the notion that people would gain good luck and a successful harvest ... Read More »

How to BBQ Corn on the Cob in the Husk?

Summer barbecues aren't just for burgers, steaks and hot dogs. Prepare your entire meal on the grill, including your vegetable side dish. Barbecuing steams the corn in its own husk, trapping in its... Read More »

How to Husk Corn?

For most dishes involving corn, you must husk the corn first. Roast corn on the cob is the one exception, as you can perform this task while the corn is still in the husk. Husking corn is an easy p... Read More »

Corn Husk Crafts?

American Indians and colonial Americans used the corn husk, also called corn shuck, to craft a variety of items for both practical and decorative use. Once dried, the corn husk is a strong, resilie... Read More »