How to Make Corn Cereal?

Answer There's nothing like a bowl of hot cereal to get you going in the morning. Whether made from oats, wheat or corn, grains are a great source of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and complex carbo... Read More »

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Is corn a cereal?

Yes. Its grains we call kernals.

How to Make Surprise Cereal (an Economy Cereal Using Toasted Bread Crumbs)?

Maple syrup sweetens a homemade cereal.Another World War I recipe using humble ingredients to stretch the food budget. Bread crumbs (graham, corn or oatmeal bread crumbs are suggested) are mixed wi... Read More »

Whats the best Cereal to make cereal bars with?

i just made some with cocoa puffs, added peanut butter and pressed whole peanuts into the top,; they were very good

What do you put first when you make cereal, the milk or the cereal?

Definitely the cereal. Putting milk in first is not a great idea because I've tried it and the cereal doesn't go down all the way sometimes. With the cereal placed first the milk can just easily fl... Read More »