How to Make Composting Toilets?

Answer A serious waste of fresh water occurs with the continual use of flush toilets all over the world. We are essentially directly excreting our waste into drinking water. Not only is fresh, clean water... Read More »

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Composting Toilets & Odor?

Composting toilets recycle human waste which can then be returned to the soil. (See References 1) You can install a composting toilet almost anywhere to reduce water usage, pollution and overall en... Read More »

Are composting toilets legal?

The legality of composting toilets depends on the state and local law in your place of residence. However, most states allow the use of composting toilets--or at the very least have no specific reg... Read More »

How to Compare Composting Toilets?

Composting toilets, sometimes called "biological toilets," have been available for more than 30 years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's website, but recent technological advances ... Read More »

Septic Systems and Composting Toilets?

Septic tanks and composting toilets are two on-site waste management options for homeowners who don't have access to municipal sewage systems. The traditional septic tank option requires expensive ... Read More »