How to Make Cologne Last?

Answer While guys may not seem concerned with how they smell, we wouldn't be dousing ourselves with cologne if we didn't. No matter if it's spicy, leafy, woodsy or musky, it all comes down to how a man wa... Read More »

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How to Make Your Cologne Last Longer?

Find at the end of the day your scent of Fragrance has worn off fast? want to make it smell fresh and strong longer ? Just read these tips and you'll find out fast.

How long does a bottle of cologne last?

It will depend on storage. The best storage conditions are at room temperature, and away from heat and direct sunlight. High heat can cause a fragrance to oxidize or change its odor. Stored carefu... Read More »

How to Make Cologne Oil?

Many people enjoy wearing cologne oil but have a hard time finding the fragrance they desire. Creating your own custom cologne oil at home is a cost-effective way to create the scent that most appe... Read More »

How to Make a Cologne Freshener?

A spritz of cologne freshener is a great way to get a jump-start in the morning or a quick pick-up in the middle of a long day. High-quality cologne can be a strain on your budget, but it is not ha... Read More »