How to Make Cheap Perfume Last Longer?

Answer Perfume is applied to the body to give you a pleasant scent. Some cheap perfumes aren't as concentrated and the scent ends up fading halfway through the day. You can either carry the bottle of perf... Read More »

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How to Make Perfume Last Longer?

Whether floral, musky or citrusy, perfume is a well-chosen accessory that when worn often enough can become a "signature scent." So why do some perfumes seem to dissipate instantly? Is arranging fa... Read More »

How do you make perfume last longer.....?

Spread on a really thin layer of Vaseline before applying your perfume - it prevents evaporation and makes the smell last much longer. I live in a desert and this works for me.

How to Make Perfume Scents Last Longer?

If your favorite scent isn't very potent, you won't be able to make it last longer simply by applying more. That will just make you smell stronger, and it doesn't take a lot of perfume to overpower... Read More »

Things to Make Your Perfume Last Longer?

When a perfume captures your senses, it can be a little bottle of bliss. When you dab on perfume in the morning, you carry that bliss with you until the end of the day, when it can disappear comple... Read More »