How to Make Chatter Jigs?

Answer Chatterbait lures first exploded onto the fishing scene as a lure that helped win a Bassmaster fishing tournament. Since that time, Chatterbait lures have helped many anglers catch a variety of gam... Read More »

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How to Make Sauger Jigs?

Sauger are related to the walleye and similar in appearance. The sauger's diet consists mainly of small fish, which makes feathered jigs a good choice for catching them. Jigs are made to imitate a ... Read More »

Why do my dog's teeth chatter?

Extreme cold can set anybody's choppers chattering. But when the chattering teeth belong to the family pooch, something more than the weather might be at work. There are many situations that can se... Read More »

What causes us to chatter are teeth when were cold?

Why do my teeth chatter when I get cold? First off, teeth chattering is a localized manifestation of shivering, so explaining the one explains the other.Shivering is one of many responses to enviro... Read More »

Why Do My Windshield Wipers Chatter?

Windshield wipers clear away precipitation on your windshield to improve your vision while driving. There are some factors that can contribute to your wipers chattering or squeaking and should be c... Read More »