How to Make Ceramic Vases Into Lamps?

Answer Lamps are popular additions to most household décor, as they add light and ambience while being attractive decorations in themselves. Many different types of lamps are available, but a classic sty... Read More »

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18th & 19th Century Spanish Ceramic Vases?

Spain has a long history of ceramic arts. Ceramic production varied over time and by region, affected over the years by the Moorish occupation as well as Spanish expeditions and colonies in the Am... Read More »

Are Sylvania ceramic metal halide lamps dimmable?

According to Sylvania, its ceramic metal halide lights are not dimmable. The lights do, however, operate more efficiently than halogen or incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower energy costs. They a... Read More »

How to Make Greek Vases?

Traditional Greek vases are called amphora vases. They have a very distinct shape: They are tall, with a thin neck, two thin handles on either side and a pointed base---this base means that they ca... Read More »

How to Make Recycled Paper Vases?

If you are looking for a craft idea, put old magazines and papers to use. You can use discarded papers along with a few other household items and craft supplies to make a recycled paper vase. You'l... Read More »