How to Make Car Fresheners?

Answer After a long, hard day at work, you don't want to get into your car to discover an offensive odor that makes you want to keep your windows down in the heat of summer, or in frigid winter temperatur... Read More »

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How to Make Non Toxic Air Fresheners?

Whether it's a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, you may think your commercial air freshener is leaving your air clean and refreshed. Most air fresheners mask odors and usually contain dangerous chemic... Read More »

How do I Make Air Fresheners Out of Rubber & Wax?

Air fresheners add decoration and fresh, pleasant scents to your home and car. You can, of course, use candle warmers and oil diffusers to achieve the same effect. However, these methods can be exp... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Car Fresheners?

A car can easily get musty or dirty-smelling if you don't regularly vacuum and dust it. Even after you clean your car, a nice scent is appealing. Cheap car air fresheners last a very short time, bu... Read More »

How do I convince my boss that Glade absolutely does make tequila-scented plug-in air fresheners...?

Oh darling, that's easy - just tell him you make your own air fresheners after taking a class in aromatherapy through your local adult education program.You can then go on a rant about how you woul... Read More »