How to Make Canopic Jars With Kids?

Answer When the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead loved ones, they removed the internal organs from the body before preservation. Each organ was deposited in a separate container known as a canopic j... Read More »

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Styles of Canopic Jars?

Embalming and mummification were the funerary rituals of the ancient Egyptians. The organs of the dead were removed and preserved in specialized funerary vessels known as canopic jars. The removed ... Read More »

Who invented canopic jars?

Canopic jars were invented by the ancient Egyptians. They believed in an active life after death and their religious rituals for the dead included mummification. Part of that process was to preserv... Read More »

Types of Canopic Jars?

Canopic jars were used in ancient Egypt to house the organs of deceased individuals undergoing mummification. These jars were frequently made of calcite, or Egyptian alabaster, with each jar meant ... Read More »

How to Draw Canopic Jars?

This article will show you now how to draw two ancient canopic jars.