How to Make Cabbage Type Dolls From Pantyhose?

Answer You can make your own version of the Cabbage Patch dolls. All you need are some old pantyhose, some fiberfill and a few basic sewing supplies. Making dolls from old pantyhose is a good way to recyc... Read More »

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How much are Cabbage Patch dolls?

Xavier Roberts and Debbie Morehead began making the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in 1977. Eventually they bought an old hospital and opened Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia. At the 1982 a... Read More »

Who makes the Cabbage Patch dolls?

In the 1980s, Cabbage Patch dolls were introduced and have been a success since. Children wanted the uniquely made dolls and stores couldn't keep them in stock. According to "Funding Universe," Mat... Read More »

Can you get replacement birth certificates for Cabbage Patch dolls?

New Cabbage Patch Kids come with a birth certificate indicating the doll's name and date of birth. This birth certificate can be replaced by visiting the online Adoption Center at the official Cabb... Read More »

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