How to Make Brass Verdigris?

Answer The color of verdigris mimics the cool aqua of still water, so it is especially attractive on the roof of a birdhouse near a pool. Verdigris is a copper salt that has a blue-green color. In ancien... Read More »

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How to Clean Verdigris Stains on Leather From Brass?

Leather items trimmed with brass hardware have a classic look about them. If you've inherited or purchased an older leather item, you may have found green stuff where the brass is in contact with t... Read More »

How to Clean Verdigris From Chrome?

Chromium is a chemical element that is widely used due to its brilliant silvery sheen. The main purpose of chrome plating on vehicles is for beautification, so it is unfortunate that an unsightly g... Read More »

How to Make New Brass Look Like Old?

Brass is a popular choice of metal for small furnishings and decorations. New pieces of brass have a bright, shiny appearance, but some people prefer an aged, antique look. This look can be achieve... Read More »

How to Make Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles are fierce weapons and should always be treated as such. They are easy to conceal, easy to carry, and effective when used to stop an assailant or ward off a hand-to-hand attack. Thou... Read More »