How to Make Bra Inserts?

Answer Do you have a little black dress that is perfect in every way--except that you can't wear a bra with it? What about your otherwise favorite shirt that just doesn't look good with a bra? Find some ... Read More »

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How to Make Silicone-Like Bra Inserts ?

This is the most fun and easy way to create unimaginably real-feeling, silicone-like bra inserts. You know, the kind that go for around $30 at department stores. Well you can make comparable knock-... Read More »

Will wearing Insoles/Inserts for flat feet make it harder for me to walk without Insoles?

I also have fallen arches/flat feet. Have 1 pair of'indoor shoes'with normal soles so you dont have to practise in public and have your insole shoes for outside home, it will get you used to the no... Read More »

Where can I get inserts?

How do I clean tub inserts?

Us a nonabrasive, mild detergent or gel cleaner to clean the surface of the tub. Abrasive cleaners, and scrub pads should be avoided because they will damage the shiny surface of the tub insert. Pu... Read More »