How to Make Boys Adore You?

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What kind of eye make-up do you just adore?

I like the look of last night's mascara on my dates. I really like it in the morning, just before I stop at a light, hand them a buck, and ask them to pick up the paper at the newstand across the ... Read More »

How to Make Women Adore You?

Though every woman is unique, there are things that will pretty much universally make any woman swoon. Romantic scenes in movies probably best exemplify the bold, risky, but absolutely adorable ges... Read More »

How to Adore Cats?

Some people don't seem to like to cats, they are just so into dogs or other animals. Find out how to love cats.

Just for fun... I adore my SO but I can't stand it when...?

I cant stand it when my husband is watching TV and having like 5 beers and then decides to get up hike his leg up on the couch and scratch his ba**s. It irritates the heck outta me. I call it the C... Read More »