How to Make Bow String Suppressors?

Answer Bows are treasured by hunters for their relatively silent release in comparison to that of explosive firearms. Even so, bows are not completely silent. The characteristic "twang" sound of the bow s... Read More »

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Laws for Firearm Suppressors in Florida?

Florida firearm laws must adhere to federal U.S. firearm laws. Firearm suppressors, commonly called silencers, fall under the federal Title II weapons classification limiting the sale, repair and h... Read More »

Safety Tips for Using & Selecting Surge Suppressors?

The average home or office has electronics and other items, such as computers, printers and DVD players, that contain electronic parts. The components function within a certain range of electrical ... Read More »

String Loading Instructions for Dual Line String Trimmers?

Getting rid of weeds, tall grass and other vegetation with your string trimmer often puts the plastic trimmer line in contact with hard objects, ranging from rocks to curbs. After a season's worth ... Read More »

How many feet of string are needed to string a tennis racket?

The length of string required to restring a tennis racket, will depend on the size, shape and weave pattern. If cutting your own string, it's suggested you aim for about 39 feet in length and that ... Read More »