How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out?

Answer We all love to accent our favorite features whether it be our hair, lips, eyes or all three. No matter what color eyes you have, becoming aware of some simple techniques and making adjustments to ... Read More »

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Tips to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out?

If you were blessed with baby blues, you probably want them to stand out and be noticed. There are a few ways to accomplish this: through eye makeup, lip color and clothing choices. Certain colors ... Read More »

How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out with Makeup?

Blue eyes are beautiful but you can make your blue eyes stand out even more with the right makeup tricks. Use these makeup tips to make your blue eyes pop. Does this Spark an idea?

I have blue-greenish what would be a good eye shadow to wear that would make them stand out more?

How to Make Blue Eyes Stand out if You Have Dark Hair and Pale Skin?

Dark hair and blue eyes are a striking combination, no matter what your skin tone. If you have pale skin, however, you may have to do some extra work to emphasize your eyes. But don't worry-- you c... Read More »