How to Make Black People's Hair Grow Longer?

Answer The ability to grow your hair to long lengths is determined in large part by genetics. Some people of African descent can grow their hair to long lengths, while others may not be able to grow their... Read More »

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Tips to Grow Longer Black Hair?

Black hair is often delicate, with a shorter growth period than the hairs of other ethnic groups. Growing longer, stronger hair is the goal of many women, with lengthy locks very popular in African... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer with Biotin for hair?

Using Biotin to grow hair longer is an effective way for results. You can add a few extra inches to hair each month and build your hair volume drastically. Always make sure your hair has natural oi... Read More »

How to Make Hair Grow Faster and Longer?

If you love the look of long hair, you may be anxious to find ways to make your hair grow faster. Unfortunately your genetic makeup determines how fast your hair can grow, usually between six to ei... Read More »

How do I make my hair grow longer for my wedding?