How to Make Big Hips Look Smaller?

Answer Face it ladies, no matter how much we sweat at the gym or watch what we eat, we still have the body type our mamas gave us. Instead of cursing those big hips, spend a few minutes learning how to em... Read More »

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How to Make Your Hips Look Bigger?

Having wide hips is important to many women (and their male friends), as it helps to create an hourglass figure, which is desirable within various cultures. Hips can be made to look bigger through ... Read More »

How to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller?

Many people feel worried about the size of their nose, and think it's all people see when they look at their face. Although you can't work miracles, there are several ways to make your nose appear ... Read More »

How to Make Breasts Look Smaller?

When most women talk about breast size, it's usually about how to increase that size. Far less attention is given to the women who want smaller breasts, or at least want to look like they have less... Read More »

How to Make Big Feet Look Smaller?

Many women complain of having large, unladylike feet and search constantly for ways to make their feet look smaller and more feminine. Wearing shoes that don't fit well can cause blisters, bunions ... Read More »