How to Make Bicycle Wheel Covers and Disks?

Answer Bicycle wheel covers are a common sight in the world of bike-polo, a sport in which bicycle riders on opposite teams try to hit a ball into the goal of their opponent using plastic mallets. The wh... Read More »

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How Can I Make Wheel Spinners for a Bicycle?

A wheel spinner for a bicycle looks like a thin hub cap. A design is cut in the wheel spinner to give the illusion of spokes turning while the bicycle is ridden. A minimum of five spokes and a maxi... Read More »

How to Fix a Bicycle Wheel?

Times are tough, and bicycles are a mode of transportation that requires no fossil fuels. Upkeep and repair of a yard sale gem may bring you to this article

What is name for a bicycle with only one wheel.?

Is it bad to hang a bicycle by its wheel?

Hanging your bike by one wheel may put too much pressure on the rim, bending or damaging it. It's safest to hang a bike by two points of contact on the frame, not by the wheel.Source:Bikekinetix: I... Read More »