How to Make Better Cable Connections?

Answer Cables work best with soldered connections because it's the best way to ensure a seamless route from one device to another. If you have RCA plugs for your car stereo or audio system always make cer... Read More »

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The Disadvantages of Cable Broadband Connections?

According to CNET, as of 2010 there are approximately 10.4 million subscribers using cable broadband technology versus 5.5 million using DSL (digital subscriber line). One reason more people use ca... Read More »

What coaxial cable is used for satellite connections?

Satellite connections use radio guide, or RG, coaxial cable in three standard sizes, RG-59, RG-6 and RG-11. RG cable choices range from inexpensive cables with aluminum center conductors to precisi... Read More »

How to Protect Battery Cable Connections?

Your battery cable connections will corrode unless you protect them properly. Corrosion may result in an inadequate connection between the cables and the battery terminals; this can reduce the flow... Read More »

How to Make Connections on Twitter?

Twitter is often viewed as a community-building service because it is a mostly text-based service that has developed its own vocabulary, including "tweet," "tweep" and "trending topics." All posts ... Read More »