How to Make Beauty Marks Disappear?

Answer Beauty marks in William Shakespeare's time were considered an indication of beauty, according to author and Pulitzer prize winner, Dr. Stephen Greenblatt. Beauty marks are found on the face, neck a... Read More »

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Beauty Secrets to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are usually caused by gaining or losing weight quickly. You don't have to spend a lot of money on laser treatments to fade annoying stretch marks. There are several easy and inexpensi... Read More »

Beauty Marks Suddenly Appearing?

Not up to now. Are you sure they weren't there before. If they appear now more from day to day, than you should make an appointment at an dermatologist and get it checked. Maybe this are some bug b... Read More »

Why are beauty marks on the face in certain places attractive?

Becuase it makes people unique, and it makes you look natural and not superficial!A beauty mark by the eyes draw more attention to the eyes!While a mark by the lips make you think of lips (kissing)... Read More »

How do you make all the tool bars disappear, to make your screen larger?

View tabtoolbars and uncheck the ones you dont want,you can also go view and full screen