How to Make Aromatherapy Products?

Answer The sweet scent of candles, soaps and lotions soothe or energize. Memories can be evoked by a certain smell---such as Grandma's cookies and baking during the holidays. Women have long used certain ... Read More »

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How to Make Aromatherapy Pillows?

Making aromatherapy pillows is easy and cost effective. Aromatherapy pillows are good for relieving sore muscles and a stiff back or neck. Heat one for 1 or 2 minutes in the microwave for a hot pac... Read More »

How to Make Aromatherapy Soaps?

Aromatherapy is best known for its healing and relaxing benefits. Aromatherapy soap is just one way to bring the benefit of aromatherapy into your home. Making your own soap will save you money and... Read More »

How to Make Aromatherapy Oils?

Aromatherapy is known to help calm and relax people, and it can be used to treat a variety of different ailments. There are many different stores that sell the oils, but learning how to make aromat... Read More »

How do i make an aromatherapy candle?

MaterialsChoose your materials. You will need a pouring pot and pan, mold or container, wick, scented oil, and wax. Soy wax and essential oils are best for totally natural aromatherapy candles. If ... Read More »