How to Make Animation or Movies with Microsoft PowerPoint?

Answer Flipbook cartoon animations are fun, aren't they? Don't you wish you could make them in Powerpoint? Or just make them smoother than before? This how-to can help you make movies, cartoons, and anima... Read More »

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How to Add Animation Effects in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Animations can be used in PowerPoint to create a more interesting and dynamic PowerPoint effect; if you're lucky, animations will keep your audience more engaged!

How Animation Is Used to Make Movies?

It is a common misconception that animation software has transformed the once painstaking process of making an animated movie into a simple matter of pressing a few buttons. In actuality, computer ... Read More »

How to Make Stick Animation Movies Look Smoother?

Stick animation uses stick figures in lieu of drawn 2D or 3D objects to create animated scenes. Advanced stick animations can last several minutes and contain complicated animated movements. These ... Read More »

How to Make Stick Figure Animation Movies?

With a little bit of inventiveness, stick figure animation movies can be just as engrossing and compelling as the high-priced Pixar productions like "Up!" and "Toy Story." Like any movie, the most ... Read More »