How to Make Abstract Terms Plural?

Answer Abstract nouns are nouns that cannot be seen or touched, such as love, hope, happiness or experience. While some of these nouns have plural forms, others do not, and it can be difficult to determin... Read More »

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How to Make Abstract Art in Photoshop Cs4?

There are many types of art. There is one type called Abstract Art. Abstract Art is art with no people,objects or place.

How to Make Abstract Paintings?

In 1910, when Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky created what become known as "First Abstract Watercolor," art patrons and historians balked at the lack of discernible subject matter and the maelstro... Read More »

How to Make an Abstract Origami Lotus?

Here is the easy way to make an origami flower, the lotus. Since all of the folds are fairly straightforward, this is a great project for beginners. The result is a sharp, abstract rendition of a l... Read More »

How to Make Abstract Art in Microsoft Paint?

MS paint is a common computer program, but is underrated. Here is how to make cool abstract art in less than 5 minutes.