How to Maintain Water Storage at Home?

Answer Home water storage is a basic component of emergency preparedness. The average adult drinks 2 quarts of water each day. If local water supplies are affected by drought, natural disaster or contamin... Read More »

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How do you maintain temperature of water during water-birth?

When you finish running the bath then stick your elbow to test how warm it is because its no good using your hand because your hand can take in more heat then your elbow. Try not to keep your baby ... Read More »

What's wrong if your pool water will not maintain a chlorine level even after major multi super shocks and the water is blue but cloudy and you have treated it for metals and algae etc.?

Answer Check your Total Alkalinity and your Calcium Hardness totals. Normally, when either of these are out of wack, it's hard to maintain you chorine levels. Also, if you have a sand filter, you m... Read More »

Water Storage Problems?

Water storage is a basic part of emergency preparedness. When a natural disaster strikes, the municipal water supply may be interrupted, and it may not be possible to buy bottled water from local s... Read More »

How Do I Treat Water for Emergency Storage?

Water is a necessity for life and is often one of the first things to be lost during a flood, earthquake or other disaster. Homeland Security recommends storing at least three days worth of water f... Read More »