How to Maintain Stocks?

Answer Maintaining stocks requires a watchful eye and a persistent routine. Reading the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings provides a comprehensive view to evaluate a company's worth and fut... Read More »

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What Are Unexchanged Stocks & Unsurrendered Stocks?

Unexchanged or unsurrendered stocks are those shares that should have changed hands but have not. When a share goes unexchanged, it is typically the fault of the company issuing the shares; unsurre... Read More »

How do I buy AIG stocks?

How To Buy AIG StockBuying American International Group (AIG) stock can be done in two ways: a stock broker or a discount online brokerage. AIG only offers common shares--no preferred shares at thi... Read More »

How to Buy Stocks?

Stock certificateBuying stocks is not that difficult, but you'll need a little guidance if you haven't done it before. On the other hand, making money consistently from buying stock can be very dif... Read More »

How do I buy Disney stocks?

Research Your InvestmentResearch Disney and the performance of its stock to decide whether it meets your investment objectives. Every investor is different, so key research factors can differ from ... Read More »