How to Maintain Micro Braids?

Answer Getting micro braids can be a time-consuming task, taking anywhere from six to 10 hours for an average head of braids. Although getting the braids takes a lot of time, maintaining the braids is sim... Read More »

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How to Maintain Different Styles for Micro Braids?

With micro braids, all of your hair is divided into very small braids, usually left unbraided at the tips and styled in a variety of ways. Although it is more often than not an African-American hai... Read More »

How to Tie Micro Braids at the End?

Micro braids are miniature braids that result from braiding natural hair with hair from extensions. Thin or damaged hair is not recommended for this hairstyle, according to Waiti... Read More »

How to Do Micro Braids?

Micro braiding is one of many braided hairstyles worn by African-American women. The braids require little maintenance and can last for months. Micro braids are tiny braids and are sometimes referr... Read More »

How to End Micro Braids?

Micro braids are a viable styling option for those who want a break from their natural tresses or would like to experiment with longer hair or different colors. The process is known to take several... Read More »