How to Maintain Aircraft Engines?

Answer Airplanes are currently the fastest and easiest way to travel around the world. Flight safety is in the hands of aircraft technicians. Their job is to make sure everything works perfectly and that ... Read More »

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Why don't aircraft engines have screens?

Jet aircraft engines sometimes suck birds or other objects into the engine, sustaining serious damage. While placing a protective screen over the engine intake would seem to provide an easy solutio... Read More »

Do They Still Make A& M Aircraft R/C Engines?

No. A & M Aircraft Engines is now defunct. According to RCFAQ, the company was bought out by Walker Machines. Additionally, many of their parts were purchased by a company known as Precision Eagle.... Read More »

Types of Nozzles Used in Aircraft Engines?

Nozzle configurations are critical to the efficiency of any jet aircraft engine and can range from fully articulated after-burning systems to static outlet or fully integrated configurations. Essen... Read More »

German Aircraft Engines Used to Power Trains?

The creativity and willingness to experiment in the name of progress has led to some unusual and imaginative combinations of technologies that at first would seem highly improbable. One prominent i... Read More »