How to Lubricate a Speedometer Cable on a Miata?

Answer The Mazda Miata has a compact and sporty design that has made it a very popular choice for the foreign car enthusiast. The Miata has a high performance engine and a small, aerodynamic body that all... Read More »

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How to Lubricate a Speedometer Cable?

A street-ridden motorcycle is required by law across the majority of the United States to be equipped with a speedometer, whose main purpose is to present its rider with an accurate reading of the ... Read More »

How to Fix a Speedometer Cable?

The speedometer cable translates the transmission gear speed through a cable housing and up to the speedometer gauge in the back of the instrument cluster. Connected at both ends by two small gears... Read More »

How to Grease a Speedometer Cable?

Maintaining a properly functioning speedometer is critical to personal safety and preventing unlawful speeding, according to Car Tech Auto Parts. Speedometer cables control the device needle which ... Read More »

Installing Speedometer Cable?

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