How to Lubricate a Door Lock That Will Not Turn?

Answer Door locks are delicate mechanisms that require regular maintenance to keep the internal parts moving smoothly. The key might be hard to insert, remove or turn when the lock requires lubrication. G... Read More »

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How to Lubricate an Ignition Key Lock?

Key lock cylinders are used on almost any car around the world to access your car. These cylinders are on most car doors and allow you to insert your key. In most cases, this is a thoughtless proce... Read More »

How to Lubricate Door Hinges?

Door hinges need lubrication now and then to ensure their smooth functioning on a continued basis, and no time is better than when they keep squeaking on you!

What is used to lubricate a vinyl sliding door?

Putting a pool cover over a pool will have the same effect regardless of where you use them in the case e of indoor pools they will reduce the humidity unless there is already 100% humidity and in ... Read More »

How Do I Clean & Lubricate the Car Door Window?

Normal wear and tear is common in vehicles. Minor repair and maintenance can be performed by even the novice driver. A window that is sticking can easily be fixed with a little lubricant sprayed in... Read More »