How to Lower the Suspension in a Jetta?

Answer The strut assembly is the key component that determines how low to the ground your Jetta rides. A shorter strut assembly will bring the frame of your vehicle closer to the ground, allowing for incr... Read More »

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How to Lower a Car's Suspension?

The suspension on your automobile controls the handling of your vehicle. It also acts as a damper from the road vibration. The ride height of your vehicle generally goes hand in hand with the stiff... Read More »

How to Lower Torsion Bar Suspension?

The front suspension on some 4X4 vehicles and older small trucks use a torsion bar instead of coil springs to determine the ride height of the vehicle. These torsion bars are adjustable so you can ... Read More »

How to Lower a Motorcycle's Rear Suspension?

With the exception of a custom-built machine, most motorcycles are designed to fit as wide a variety of body types as possible. Unfortunately, some riders may still have trouble planting their feet... Read More »

How to Lower the Front Suspension on a Corvette?

Many Corvette enthusiasts wish to lower the ride height on their cars. You can lower the front ride height on a C5 Corvette one half of an inch on the standard suspension system by changing two adj... Read More »