How to Lower the Nitrogen Level in an Aquarium?

Answer One of the toughest challenges facing new aquarium hobbyists is the monitoring and maintaining of water quality. Fish waste, rotting plants and uneaten food are all sources of deadly ammonia in an ... Read More »

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How to Set up the New Nitrogen Cycle for Freshwater Aquarium?

A fully functional Nitrogen Cycle can stabilize the aquarium cycle system. Fish wastes and an excessive quantity of uneaten food would produce Ammonia is harmful for aquarium pets. When the Ammonia... Read More »

How to Lower Nitrogen in Soil?

Nitrogen provides an essential component in the chemical composition of all soil, but sometimes nitrogen levels in the soil become excessive and cause harm to the plants that grow there. Excessive ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Water Level on a Skimmer Box Aquarium?

A skimmer box is one way of maintaining the water level of an aquarium and of "skimming" the dirt and scum that accumulates on the surface. Once you understand how exactly the box works, and have m... Read More »

How can i lower cpk mm level?

Do you play physically active sports? Jog? Lift weights? Do cardio workouts? Anything that uses our muscles in a more-than-normal manner will cause increased CK-MM excretion.Having a high CK is... Read More »