How to Lower a Car's Suspension?

Answer The suspension on your automobile controls the handling of your vehicle. It also acts as a damper from the road vibration. The ride height of your vehicle generally goes hand in hand with the stiff... Read More »

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How to Lower the Suspension in a Jetta?

The strut assembly is the key component that determines how low to the ground your Jetta rides. A shorter strut assembly will bring the frame of your vehicle closer to the ground, allowing for incr... Read More »

How to Lower Torsion Bar Suspension?

The front suspension on some 4X4 vehicles and older small trucks use a torsion bar instead of coil springs to determine the ride height of the vehicle. These torsion bars are adjustable so you can ... Read More »

How to Lower Suspension on a 2006 Chevy?

Lowering the suspension of your 2006 Chevrolet truck is not without its drawbacks. While the lower stance will improve the overall handling of your truck, there's still the problem of uneven tire w... Read More »

How to Lower the Suspension on a 2002 Mustang?

The 2002 Ford Mustang utilizes coil spring suspension at all four corners, making the best option for lowering the suspension of the Mustang a set of four progressive-rate lowering springs. Use pro... Read More »