How to Lower Your Charge Card Interest Rates?

Answer Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express want to remain competitive within the credit card industry. One way card issuers remain competitive is with low interest r... Read More »

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How to Lower Interest Rates on Your Credit Card?

This will tell you how to lower your credit card interest rates.

How to Redo Student Loans for Lower Interest Rates?

Loan consolidation is an option available for individuals desiring to lower student loan interest rates. This process involves a consolidation lender negotiating a pay off agreement with your prese... Read More »

Can i pay down my mortgage balance&get lower interest rates to keep my payment terms?

On One Hand: Consider the CostRefinancing a mortgage can provide a home owner with lower payments due to decreased interest rates based on equity built in the home. But there are costs associated w... Read More »

Why do credit unions charge lower rates than commercial banks?

Credit unions are a kind of a bank owned by their members. They exist under a separate set of laws from regular banks and, due to the differences in how credit unions are operated, they often offer... Read More »