How to Love Yourself After a Long Battle in an Abusive Relationship?

Answer Congratulations! If you are reading this you have either recently left or are considering leaving an abusive relationship. Regardless of what well meaning friends and family may have said, the deci... Read More »

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How to Love Oneself After an Abusive Relationship?

When you're in a relationship, and you can't believe that this person is in your life, and then... All of a sudden the next thing he wants is to go farther than you're ready for and he threatens yo... Read More »

How to Choose a Gift That Reflects Your Long Distance Relationship Love?

Many people find themselves in long distance relationships for a variety of reasons; employment, studying, military deployments or just the location of where you live in relation to them. With toda... Read More »

If you got a girl pregnant and you love her to death and she says she loves you just as much but she thinks you wont last long because of other people outside of the relationship?

Answer When you mention other people, I'm not sure if you mean threats to your relationship or people wanting the relationship to end. If it's the first one, maybe there is some reason in the past ... Read More »

What is an abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship is characterized by one or many of both verbal and physical forms of victimization between partners. In an abusive relationship, either one or both partners may be active in... Read More »