How to Loosen an Overtightened Oil Filter?

Answer Overtightened oil filters have been the nemesis of many home and professional mechanics since cars have had oil filters. The principle behind sealing the oil filter is really very simple. The fil... Read More »

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How to Loosen an Oil Filter?

Changing your car's motor oil yourself is a way to save some money and perform necessary, but easy auto maintenance. Done properly, with the correct safeguards and recycling of oil, this procedure ... Read More »

How to Loosen an Oil Filter Stuck in a Car?

An engine oil filter is designed to filter and trap particles suspended in the oil. Particles are produced as a by-product of oil burning and can enter the oil system through blow-by during combust... Read More »

How to Loosen a Stuck Oil Filter?

Changing the oil regularly in a vehicle is key to keeping it on the road. No one can argue that well maintained vehicles are more likely to keep running year after year. At times, simple tasks, suc... Read More »

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