How to Loosen a Soldered Pipe?

Answer Home remodeling often requires you to re-route or split copper plumbing supply lines. For example, homeowners adding a bathroom or re-locating laundry facilities may split plumbing supply lines in ... Read More »

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Can underground copper pipe connections be soldered or should they be braised?

Answer 1 Until one or more licensed Plumbers contribute, I'll give it a shot. I suspect that local plumbing codes will specify which is accecptable. So, temporarily, my opinion follows. Over the... Read More »

How to Loosen a Frozen Pipe Fitting?

For those who are accustomed to living in wintry climates, taking precautions to protect pipes from freezing is essential. Not only will a frozen pipe prevent the flow of water, it is also prone to... Read More »

Tips to Loosen Galvanized Pipe?

When you are doing some plumbing work, you may find it necessary to replace some pipes. You may find, as well, that these pipes may be difficult to remove--especially the galvanized pipes. With a f... Read More »

How do I loosen a corroded outdoor pipe fixture?

LubricationSelect a penetrating oil type of spray lubricant, and follow the label directions. Most require sufficient time for the oil to work its way down through the threads. Spray, wait and put ... Read More »