How to Loosen a Rusted Oxygen Sensor?

Answer The oxygen sensor of an automobile is a key component of the emissions system. Its function is to monitor and adjust the flow of air into the engine. The oxygen sensors are located under the automo... Read More »

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How do I Loosen an Oxygen Sensor?

An oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust of any particular vehicle. It is often difficult to remove because of the rust that accumulates on the exhaust. You should have a new oxygen sensor on han... Read More »

How to Free Rusted Nuts on an Oxygen Sensor?

The location of the oxygen sensors of your vehicle makes the nuts holding the oxygen sensors in place rust, freezing them in place. The composition of the oxygen sensor does not allow you to use he... Read More »

How to Loosen a 1995 Jeep Oxygen Sensor?

The 1995 Jeep has an exhaust-mounted oxygen sensor. The sensor detects how much air is present in the exhaust gases and relays that data to the engine's computer, which then adjusts the ratio of ai... Read More »

How to Loosen a Rusted Nut?

When moisture takes its toll on a nut and rust develops over the metal surface, you may have difficulty loosening the nut when you wish to remove it. Use a combination of tricks to loosen a rusted ... Read More »