How to Loosen a Rearview Mirror That Is Glued on Wrong?

Answer Your rearview mirror is the only view you have of what is behind your car while you are driving and looking forward. It's important to adjust the mirror correctly and to make sure it's properly mou... Read More »

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How to Fix a Rearview Mirror?

Rear view mirrors are attached to the windshield with an epoxy-based adhesive. Over time and heat cycling from the weather, the adhesive will lose grip, and the mirror will fall off the windshield.... Read More »

How to Glue Your Rearview Mirror?

Reattaching a rearview mirror is a relatively simple task that requires only patience, attention to detail and specialized, inexpensive adhesive that is available at most auto-supply stores. The wi... Read More »

How to Reglue a Rearview Mirror?

Extreme exposure to heat and cold can easily compromise the glue holding a rearview mirror to the windshield. Rearview mirrors are actually attached to a "button" that is glued to the windshield. T... Read More »

How to Replace a Rearview Mirror?

If your rearview mirror has come off, fix it promptly as it is not safe to drive without it. The rearview mirror helps prevent accidents by allowing you to see behind you, something you cannot do v... Read More »