How to Loosen Torsion Bars on a Blazer ZR2?

Answer Torsion bars are used to adjust the riding height of a car, or the front suspension. Essentially, a torsion bar is a type of spring that can be expanded or contracted. Like any other spring or coil... Read More »

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How to Use Torsion Bars?

Torsion bars are straight metal bars that twist when force is applied and release when the driving circumstances go back to normal. This twisting absorbs the pressure so the vehicle's frame and whe... Read More »

How to Tighten Torsion Bars?

A torsion bar exerts downward pressure on the lower control part of the vehicle suspension, to keep the wheel firmly in place on the ground's surface. The upper control arm also relies on the posit... Read More »

How to Adjust the Torsion Bars on a Z71?

The Z71 Series trucks are made by Chevrolet, and are four wheel drive vehicles with a torsion bar front suspension. These trucks are designed to take abuse on and off road. The torsion bar sets the... Read More »

How to Replace Torsion Bars?

A torsion bar is a type of spring that works by resisting twist. Each end of the bar usually has a hex-shaped head. The bar slides through the lower control arm and into an adjuster mounted in a cr... Read More »