How to Look for the SRA Open Court Reading Program?

Answer New SRA Open Court Reading Programs can be purchased directly from the McGraw-Hill website or catalog. If you are looking for a used program or individual pieces of the program, you may be able to ... Read More »

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When I try to open my local drives. It;s asking "Choose the program you want to use to open this file"?

i had the same sh*t and it wasnt a virus a friend came to my office and fixed but i couldn't see how he do it... but it was in regedit he said no virus

What is a free program that can open UIF files Download links I need to open a 600mb fil, Thank You!?

MagicISO can open them, but it costs money.…Download the trial version and try this:…Or this:http://www.magiciso.... Read More »

How to open PHP file and what program required to open it?

You either have an HTML document generated using PHP (in which case rename it so it has a .html file extension and open it in a web browser), or you have some PHP program code (in which case place ... Read More »

Reading Program for Autism?

Children and adults with special needs often have unique difficulties that prevent them from learning in a "typical" way and may need programs that adapt to their particular needs. Autism is a neur... Read More »